Reporting and Complaints procedures

(We will assume that the ToS has been read and understood by any member who posts.)
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Reporting and Complaints procedures

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If you have a complaint about a post that's been made...

Use the Report Post function (exclamation mark button above right each post) and we will attend to your report as quickly as practicable, given our available staff. Please do not publicly quote and object to the content of a post, because this then embeds it within the flow of conversation and it becomes difficult for moderators to extract the offending material without disrupting the thread. Public complaints, regardless of how legitimate, tend to take threads off-topic and have a tendency to become a sideshow unto themselves. If you're not satisfied with the way we deal with your complaint, proceed to the next step.

If you have a complaint about an act of moderation...

Attempt to resolve the issue with the moderator in question first (if known, and if online) via PM, and if that is unsuccessful, please raise the issue with an adminstrator via PM.
Complaints will be investigated by the administrator using the Terms Of Service as a framework. The words and actions of all members (including moderators) will be assessed with respect to the Terms Of Service and you will be notified of the outcome of your complaint via PM or e-mail. As with complaints about posts, please do not publicly complain about moderation, as that is disruptive to the forum and will not help to resolve such disputes.

If you're still unhappy about the outcome after the administrator has dealt with your complaint...

Contact the site owner, David N. Snyder, via PM. He owns this site and therefore he has the final word.

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