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These are the Dharma Wheel (Engaged Buddhism) Terms of Service. Violations of the Terms of Service may lead to the removal of posting privileges, so please ensure you are familiar with them.

1. Intention

Dharma Wheel (Engaged Buddhism) is a combined Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana Buddhist forum focused primarily on bringing together a community of people who are interested in the application of the Dhamma/Dharma to social, and environmental concerns.

We have practitioners from most schools of Buddhism here, and perhaps followers of other faiths. All are welcome. For the purposes of this forum, all that really matters is that members accept the fundamental ethical basis of Buddhism - compassion for all living beings - and are willing to respect the right of others to choose their own paths.

For the forum to be able to function at all, we must respect the views of all schools, sects, lineages, contemporary interpretations, etc. However, we are not interested in the differences between them except in so far as those differences affect how we engage with society and the world. Most discussions about doctrinal differences will therefore be more appropriate to (e.g.) "Connections to Other Paths" on DWT or the general discussion forum on DWM.

Members are expected to self-moderate, being mindful of the adage that 'behaviour breeds behaviour'. Mutual respect and friendliness should be the basis of all interactions. If you find anything objectionable, let the administrators or moderators know using the 'Report Post' function, but refrain from posting public responses because meta-discussion has the tendency to derail topics.

If you find yourself unable to access your account or wish to challenge an account suspension, please e-mail [email protected]

2. Speech

Any subject matter that may be off-topic or is likely to cause disruption or harm may be removed without notice. This includes, but is not restricted to:

a. Nasty speech
b. Language or subject matter inappropriate to minors
c. Posts that are not mindful of the current topic, as defined in the initial post. Tangential discussion may be split into a new topic, or removed altogether, even if it is not otherwise disruptive.
d. Disruptive meta-discussion (i.e. discussion about discussion, including in-thread complaints about the existence of discussions that you don't like)
e. Discriminating against members on the basis of their gender, sexual preferences, ethnicity, language, etc
f. Unsubstantiated allegations against individuals or traditions - including psychoanalyzing other members, and predictions or threats of kammic retribution
g. Personal attacks, including the vilification of individuals based on any attributes, whether related to their personal attributes (e.g. gender, nationality, sexuality, race, age) or their approach to the Dhamma (e.g. their practices, level of experience, or chosen tradition)
h. Badmouthing Buddhist discussion forums
i. Attacks against the Buddha, Dhamma, or Sangha, which violate the Intention of this forum (see Section 1, Intention, for details)
j. “Goodbye Cruel Forum” posts.

This is an English language forum, therefore posts must be in English. As the majority of members are not fluent in the original languages of the various Buddhist Scriptures and commentaries, members are encouraged to provide English translations when quoting them, where practicable. The English language requirement does not apply to general greetings and salutations, nor to Non-English Resources if any are ever added to the forum.

3. Action

The following actions are not permitted at Dharma Wheel (Engaged Buddhism):

a. Spamming
b. Commercial advertising
c. Solicitation of funds
d. Advocating illegal activity
e. Infringing upon the copyright of others (instead, cite sources, apply Fair Use, and don’t link to material that violates copyright)
f. Expressing intentions of self-harm or suicide (if you require assistance, please visit befrienders)
g. The unauthorised collection and release of personal information
h. Claiming to be a Buddha, samma-sam-buddha, or Metteyya (Maitreya)
i. Proselytizing or evangelizing any specific spiritual paths
j. Wholesale revision and deletion of previous posts
k. The generation of multiple and/or fake accounts
l. Blatant and wilful disregard of the Dharma Wheel (Engaged Buddhism) complaints procedure

4. Mindfulness

At Dharma Wheel (Engaged Buddhism), we respect your intellectual and spiritual autonomy. As such, the staff here will not enforce reverence to anyone or anything, nor censor speech gratuitously. In return for our respect for your autonomy, we expect you to be personally responsible for your own emotions and responses.

Since you are not here alone, new topics may invite (or not) discussion via questions, suggestions, an introduction, or appropriate context. If the OP is not clear, ask for clarification.

5. Legal Statement

Dharma Wheel (Engaged Buddhism) and related sites of the site owner are owned and operated out of the U.S.A. As such it comes under the guidelines of 47 US Code Section 230(c)(1), including the Communications Decency Act, which provides owners, administrators, moderators, and members immunity from any content in here posted by someone else. Each is responsible for their own posting and the team has no liability even if administrators and/or moderators fail to remove an alleged offending post. Legal threats by any poster on this forum against anyone else on the forum will be grounds for immediate banning. For more information related to this law see: Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

Use of this forum is at no membership fee and voluntary. Members may use anonymous usernames and need not use their real names. If they use their real name, that is by their choice and moderating staff reserves the right to refuse name changes (however they may allow in some instances). We do not delete accounts nor delete posts as it disrupts the conversation. Each poster is responsible for carefully crafting their posts and one should avoid making statements that will be regretted. This is a voluntary forum with no membership fees. Except as provided in furtherance of moderation, DWE will not alter information posted nor use the information for commercial purposes. DWE shall have no responsibility to protect information posted on DWE .Posts cannot be edited or deleted after one hour from posting as it disrupts the conversation, especially when whole posts are deleted throughout several conversations. Posters have no ownership of any information they post here and post by their own choice. Each poster is responsible for carefully crafting their posts due to this and again, this is a voluntary forum at no membership fee

6. Changes and additions

Like the Vinaya, the TOS may be added to over time. The Sangha didn't need many rules to start with but more were created over time as issues arose within the community. We reserve the right to add, amend or delete rules as deemed necessary.

With metta,
Dharma Wheel (Engaged Buddhism) Staff

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